What do you think about this?

What do you think about this pair of Palais Mohawk suede pumps from the fall collection of YSL?
Some kind of savage for your super-chic outfit...


People in Vogue

Anna dello Russo + Anna Piaggi
Anna Wintour + Carine Roitfeld
Last but not least: Franca Sozzani


Roberto Cavalli and his 40th Anniversary Show

First came the invitation:

Than came the location:
Milano, 27th September
Arco della Pace - h. 11:30

And finally...THE SHOW...

The 40th Anniversary Roberto Cavalli'show was a jubilation of fringe.
Grey and powder tones with some black and gold details. A strong and savage women. The return of Roberto Cavalli.

In a beautiful abstract green jungle, the collection of Cavalli was wear from some super top model such as Letizia Casta and Sasha Pivovarova. Savage girls with straight long hairs and black smoked eyes.

A great show with a perfect sound. 
Now let's see what Roberto Cavalli will propose us for Paris: the most exclusive and acclaim party ever.

On the 25th I was a Birthday Girl!

Happy Birthday to me.
and Thanks to all my friends!


The look of fashion by Konstantin Siegel

A 28 years old guy from Kazakstan who loves fashion and learn style and elegance from his mother. Konstantin Siegel is not a fashionista or a blogger, he is an ARTIST who represent fashion from his point of view.

The touch of Siegel captures the souls of the big names of fashion: Coco Chanel, Sonia Rykiel, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs but also Anna Wintour and Suzy Menkes. Reality and irony in china and watercolor.

Konstantin likes to say that “he is not an illustrator, he is a painter” and yesterday, at the opening of his exhibition, I had the chance to admire his art. That kind of art that a person dedicated to this world can well understand. 



It's fashion week honey...

Fashion week, fashion week...
I personally love the atmosphere of these weeks, everything is so electrified!
Caotic, exclusive, original, exciting moments with so many fashionable people. Let's have a look at some of the best outfit of NY and London.