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Summer breath


New finding: Miguel Ases

The creativity of Miguel Ases blossomed after a successful career in the National Ballet of Spain. After his retirement from dancing, he studied art and design where he became inspired to create jewelry. His treasures are rich with color, mixed metals and intricate designs.

His jewelry is worn by Eva Longoria, Madonna, Giselle Bundchen, Nicole Kidman and Shakira to mention a few. He is often featured alongside the clothing collections of Ellen Tracy, Nicole Miller and Valentino.

Thanks for the tip to Come una gazza ladra!!


A Saturday like this...

As you may know, Saturday is my favorite day of the week and the morning is the part that I like most. Sleaping more, lying in the bed watching the ceiling, planning your day, having breakfast...
Normally I'm used to have a cup tea or a cup of cofee reading some magazines, viewing a movie or having a look at my bloglist.  But this morning, after a sweet breakfast with my love, I decided to have a look at my fashion videos archive (of course, my love is not here now. He's away for an appoinment and come back within an hour).
Suddently I was capture from SS 2007. I truly loved, and actually I love, this season. I probabily like it so much because it reminds me my first working season in the fashion field, my first season in Milan...
I think that designers made a superlative job that year. And if you are asking me "Tell us, which is your favorite collection?" I'd answer: Miu Miu! (have a look at the video!). The best piece of that collection was for sure the tie-dye canvas bags capsule. 

Unfortunately that year my savings were not so high so it was impossible for me to buy one of these dreaming accessories but I hope to find a vintage shop with one of this bags (someone can help?!? maybe also with on-line shops...). And if, I hope to find my beloved version: the blue/light blue (like a ink jet) maxi shopper.  With this kind of hippy style this bag will be perfect for me!

Hope to be lucky!!