A Saturday like this...

As you may know, Saturday is my favorite day of the week and the morning is the part that I like most. Sleaping more, lying in the bed watching the ceiling, planning your day, having breakfast...
Normally I'm used to have a cup tea or a cup of cofee reading some magazines, viewing a movie or having a look at my bloglist.  But this morning, after a sweet breakfast with my love, I decided to have a look at my fashion videos archive (of course, my love is not here now. He's away for an appoinment and come back within an hour).
Suddently I was capture from SS 2007. I truly loved, and actually I love, this season. I probabily like it so much because it reminds me my first working season in the fashion field, my first season in Milan...
I think that designers made a superlative job that year. And if you are asking me "Tell us, which is your favorite collection?" I'd answer: Miu Miu! (have a look at the video!). The best piece of that collection was for sure the tie-dye canvas bags capsule. 

Unfortunately that year my savings were not so high so it was impossible for me to buy one of these dreaming accessories but I hope to find a vintage shop with one of this bags (someone can help?!? maybe also with on-line shops...). And if, I hope to find my beloved version: the blue/light blue (like a ink jet) maxi shopper.  With this kind of hippy style this bag will be perfect for me!

Hope to be lucky!!

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