Welcome back fashion lovers!

After an amazing summer, welcome back fashion lovers!!
In this post I collected the latest outfit of some of my favorite worldwide fashion bloggers...

Chic Muse

Fashion Toast

Fashion Zen

5 inch and up

The Blonde Salad


Style by Kling



Bohemian Musings

Irene's Closet

...and last but not least, my favourite, Fifi Lapin...


Autumn anticipations. Daily wishes #part 1

Phillip Lim
(convertible leather bag)

Alexander Wang
(collarless black jacket)

Phillip Lim
(double-sleeve sweather)

Isabel Marant
(shun cropped skinny leather pants)

Christian Louboutin
(black suede platform)



Milan, 9th September 2010
A global celebration of fashion

Random trends part 1. This winter I will be like that

(Prada & Fendi)



(Miu Miu)

Wondering about fashion

Daria Werbowy is once again featured in the Fall/Winter 2010/11 H&M's ad campaign. 

I saw these immages first in Shanghai. They were all over: bus stops, subway stations, walls. 
When I am in Milan I am thinking at H&M as a great place where you can find easy, funny, strange and cheap things. But, when I had the chance to move in the other part of the world, suddently I've understood that H&M is a global phenomenon. They work on reasearch, they analize people and they are great in doing it.

After my first trip in Asia, I am thinking even better at the fashion field. In these latest years so many things are changing and I am discovering many new aspects. Is fashion really changing?
I believe that we should reflect on the worldwide trends. As we can see with the blogging reality, things are changing so faster. 

As I am some kind of romantic, I love all the poetic aspects of fashion: which means creativity first of all. But economy counts on everything and as we saw in the previous years it has been dominant. Does economy kill creativity?  For sure, not at the beginning of something then, later, maybe yes.

I am a fashion lover, not only because I want to "possess" beautiful things and my new challenge is now try to understand and analize my beloved sector.  A worldwide reaserch, because fashion is everywhere!


Happy Birthday Vogue China!

First come the two covers by Lindbergh & Jackson and then the most beautiful editorial of the issue:
Liu Wen and Paolo Roversi together to celebrate the first 5 years of Vogue China...



Classy red hair girl

I am in love with this editorial in the September's issue of Harper's Bazaar UK.
Retro funny style: full skirts, sensual satins, feminine silhouettes and funny poses.
Naty Chabenko was styled by Mattias Karlsson and the pic were taken by Serge Leblon.

Don't know why but this funny classy girl in the editorial looks like me, or better she rembers me and how I am!

(source: fashiongonerogue)

Ayala Bar: when Art Deco meets the Middle East.

Ayala Bar is a israelian jewelry designer. She combine exotic patterns with delicate intricacies, each piece of Ayala Bar jewelry is designed to adorn the woman who has confidence in her own taste and style.

The materials she works with (simple metals, glass beads, mineral stones and crystal rhinestones) are used to translate her creative perceptions into intricate patterns with a thousand messages.

Personally designed by the artist, each Ayala Bar jewelry collection conveys a unique signature.  The imprint of creativity that draws on simple riches to transform them into objects of captivating beauty.

Ayala's style cannot be categorized. Ayala's creations draw on over ten years of experience, now she is a mature designer but she is always true to her inner vision.

La Chapelle in New York

David LaChapelle: ironic, sarcastic, debunking, brazen, ingenious, crazy,

He will consider the "Fellini" of the fashion world, the "Magritte" of the photos world, the "Michelangelo" of the glam-trash and he will now expose his last exhibition "American Jesus" at the Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York.


Pamela Love

Pamela Love. 
A NY artist and designer. 
She's ambitious, she has many ideas and she's talented.
Her collections tell us mysterious and romantic stories that enchant the most careful eyes, such as Colette or Opening Ceremony. Her pieces are a perfect balance of delicacy and raw imagery.