Barbie by Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin has collaborated with Barbie to create a limited edition collection of dolls. Three special dolls and which comes with a collection of 4 red-soled Louboutins, each with their own shoe boxes and bags.
Barbie Cat Burglar in black catsuit and Differ sandals.

Barbie Anemone in a green and purple gown, bow bracelet and Anemone shoes.

Barbie Dolly Forever in a khaki mini dress, sunglasses, gold extras and Forever Tina fringed boots.

Loving them, and Christian Louboutin above all...

2010: A Space Odyssey by Rodarte

What can I say...strange culture?


How I am feeling today

Water inspirations: Alla Kostromicheva for Vogue Nippon (May 2010)

Vogue Turkey

Even if one month later, I am very curious to get my hands on the first issue (March 2010).
This issue bare essentials cover, featuring Jessica Stam, has won some attention in the fashion world. It has been awhile since anyone has seen a Vogue cover that was not bombarding them with as much informations as the surface could absorb. Less, really is more, in design, there is no arguing that proverb.

Like Chanel, I will look pretty in Shanghai

China is a secret and a magnificent country. Even if many people are scared about it, I think that it is the new horizon. Thanks to my brother that lives in Beijing , this sommer I've the chance to travel in China for one month. I am excited about it and I want to make a full reportage with of all the aspects of this great country.

As my life is dedicate for fashion, I also want to discover the China's fashion attitude and why not, I can arrange some interview for a job in fashion there... I didn't try with the Italian Vogue but maybe I can try with the Chinese's ediction, can't I?

Judging from the latest news, all the big brands are looking for business affairs in China and India. Two countries with a potential that nobody can define with precision. I think that I will suit perfecty with this potential also because a curious 25-year old young woman should discover other prospective in her life. I should, then, apply for Chanel and Vogue there! because...as Chanel, I will look pretty in Shanghai...

So, China, I'm coming!