Like Chanel, I will look pretty in Shanghai

China is a secret and a magnificent country. Even if many people are scared about it, I think that it is the new horizon. Thanks to my brother that lives in Beijing , this sommer I've the chance to travel in China for one month. I am excited about it and I want to make a full reportage with of all the aspects of this great country.

As my life is dedicate for fashion, I also want to discover the China's fashion attitude and why not, I can arrange some interview for a job in fashion there... I didn't try with the Italian Vogue but maybe I can try with the Chinese's ediction, can't I?

Judging from the latest news, all the big brands are looking for business affairs in China and India. Two countries with a potential that nobody can define with precision. I think that I will suit perfecty with this potential also because a curious 25-year old young woman should discover other prospective in her life. I should, then, apply for Chanel and Vogue there! because...as Chanel, I will look pretty in Shanghai...

So, China, I'm coming!

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