Corsinelabedoli, an amazing Italian surprise

Cor Sine Labe Doli takes its name from the claim of the native town of the brand founder, Corato, town in South Italy near the city of Bari. The brand was born from the exigency to give a new life to the famous Italian elegancy fashion tradition, re-actualizing the most important men fashion accessory: the papillon.

Inspired to the old values and a lost elegancy, this ceramic papillons are the first style expression of the brand. Not reffered only to an adult and particularly target, Primo (this is the name of this creation) becomes the key accessory to give a glamour touch to your outfit.

Estro and artisan work are mixed together, giving the accessory his own life with a proper originality, with no precedents and with a strong stylish past. Primo is available in different colours and in different finishes, such as shiny, mat and craquelé.

What can I say: Corsinelabedoli, an amazing italian surprise!

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