Obsession du jour: Valenki!

Let's talk about obsessions. Winter fashion obsessions.
In the last years I was caputer by boots, cuissards and specially UGG and HUNTER.

But what about this fall? Are you curious to discover my new obsession?
I have to say that I am probably inspired from my new russian friends, from the first cold cold weather and from my first flu.... Anyway, I find this wool boots so useful, warm and funny!

I learn something about these boots. The Valenki are the traditional russian winter boots. They represent one of the key symbols of Russian cultural heritage, and the history of these shoes began many centuries ago. 100% sheep's wool is used to make seamless, warm and healthy felt boots. Each Valenki (or valenok) is cut out of a single, seamless strip of lambswool. It is dipped in acid and then in boiling water, then before being oven-dried, it is beaten to form a heel and a point at the toe. These incredible boots resist the temperature down to 40 degrees C below zero, and the have being tested by military in arctic forest!

They represent the best souvenir from Russia and they have become super fashionable thanks to the original design and the embroidery that some designers make. (They also created the summer version in silk... but this is another chapter...)

Now, the point is: who is going to Russia?!? I want them!!!!

It's raining

Rainy day, Rainy Monday.
Have a nice rainy Monday! Hope an amazing week :)


Painted voguette

Yesterday I was having a look at vogue.it, and I got crazy with this portraits. This is only a part of the collection because the article shown all my favourite voguette. Pamela Love, Amber Lebon, Byrdie Belle, Coco Brandolini d'Adda, Poppy De Villeneuve (I'm writing a post on her, stay tuned),....

Actually, I want a portrait like this!!!! :)


She's more than an icon. She's Kate Moss.

 She's more than an icon. She's Kate Moss.
In these pics she strips down for the latest campaign of a Brazilian brand, Valisere.


Random post!

Yesterday evening I went at the presentation of Style Skills and when I went home I had a lovely walk through the center of Milano and I saw some interesting thing...


It's official: LANVIN for H&M

Dolce & Gabbana + Boxing = Milano Thunder Italian Boxing Team

What happens when someone decide to encourage particular arts, disciplines or sports? 
What happens when sports, such as boxing, meets fashion? 
Let's discover the new initiative of an important italian fashion brand. Let's talk about Dolce & Gabbana. Let's talk about boxing.

Dolce & Gabbana becomes the naming sponsor of  "Dolce & Gabbana - Milano Thunder", the new Italian boxing team that will be present in the WSB international circuit. The team, composed by famous italian and international boxer, was presented yesterday in their official head quarter in Milano: their gym. The best place ever to present a sport team. An high virility rate event, for sure...

"For the first time a sporting team will carry our name, this is the beginning of a new adventure for us" this is what Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana told about this new project. The whole team will wear official Dolce & Gabbana uniforms. Yesterday we saw the fighter in their official competition uniforms...

They are ready to fight, and they will bring the name of their team through cities such Moscow, Istanbul, New Dehli and Macao.
So, I wish you good luck Thunder!

Ps. I'm so sorry for the bad quality of the pics...I had only my I-phone ;)