Dolce & Gabbana + Boxing = Milano Thunder Italian Boxing Team

What happens when someone decide to encourage particular arts, disciplines or sports? 
What happens when sports, such as boxing, meets fashion? 
Let's discover the new initiative of an important italian fashion brand. Let's talk about Dolce & Gabbana. Let's talk about boxing.

Dolce & Gabbana becomes the naming sponsor of  "Dolce & Gabbana - Milano Thunder", the new Italian boxing team that will be present in the WSB international circuit. The team, composed by famous italian and international boxer, was presented yesterday in their official head quarter in Milano: their gym. The best place ever to present a sport team. An high virility rate event, for sure...

"For the first time a sporting team will carry our name, this is the beginning of a new adventure for us" this is what Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana told about this new project. The whole team will wear official Dolce & Gabbana uniforms. Yesterday we saw the fighter in their official competition uniforms...

They are ready to fight, and they will bring the name of their team through cities such Moscow, Istanbul, New Dehli and Macao.
So, I wish you good luck Thunder!

Ps. I'm so sorry for the bad quality of the pics...I had only my I-phone ;)

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  1. Adoro dolce e gabbana! fortunata te! :)