The divine Chanel

Bienvenue à le defilè de Chanel!

Yesterday, in the dreaming Grand Palais of Paris, Chanel has shown the latest SS2011 collection in a surprising set: the Versailles's garden. Of course, non THE original gardens but a true reproduction of them.
Karl Lagerfeld inspired himself from the Alain Resnis'movie "Last year in Mariembd". The guest were received from a 80 people orchestra that plays the musics of Verve and Bjoirk.

The latest collection of the French dream brand is particularly reach of contrast: romantic vs strong, white vs black, long vs short, simplicity vs rich texture, pieces that reminds at Coco vs contemporary leather skinny pants.

I was captured from the tailleurs with new proportions ("classic" jacket and shorts instead of skirts or trousers) and the fabulous dress covered from plumes.

And now accessories: 
the superbe 2.55 in different fabrics and materials (the one covered from black plumes was literally extraordinary!), long black and gold colliers and light coloured bangle (as the trasparent one with the double C) and those enriched by black crystals.
The only "negative" point is make from the shoes: some kind of platform that, I am sorry, I don't well understand but maybe I just have to get used.

Those amazing looks were complete from a make-up with dark eyes, a strong chignon and a silver nailpolish manicure (the next must have after particulere and khaki?)...

To conclude my recap of this show, I can say that there are many aspects that I love, such as the use of plumes combined with organza and chiffon; the use of white and black together with some silver/glitter details (such as in the 2.55 above),the cutted black leather gloves and all the jewelrys!

Congratulation Karl you're always our fashion-genius!

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