The creation of beauty is taste. The jewels of Ila Malù.

Delicate and romantic.
These are the two words that I've associated to the creations of Ila Malù right after seeing the jewels. 
Simple and elegant pieces that reminds me to sweet romantic atmospheres. 

Ila Malù is a small Italian brand born thanks to the inspirations of three young designers and wedding planners, lovers of beauty and style above all. These jewels are made of antique lace and gems and are characterized by delicate structures and pastel tones.

Arianna, Lavinia, Maia, Fedra. Each jewel is associate to an important old-style Italian name. The new fall winter collection of Ila Malù is composed by different earrings and by lovely necklaces, as my favorite: Sofia.

You can have a look at the F/Wcollection here or contact Ila Malù directly on facebook! 

Jewels by: Ila Malù
Photos by: Giulia Tibaldi


  1. I like them, I like them, I like them!

  2. wow
    I love these accessories badly!!!
    they are simply gorgeous:)


  3. Thanks for the lovely comments! the accessories of Ila Malù are gorgeous! I bought a pair of black lace earrings: divine!!! :)